Journey My Story

  Born Ezekiel Blanc January 9th, 1991 and raised in Orlando, Fl. Ezekiel a Haitian-American began rapping at the age of 12 after becoming influenced by the Hip-hop culture and various artists most notable Ludacris & Lil Wayne. Rapping wasn’t his 1st passion but transitioned from his gift in poetry and love for creating & drawing. Growing up he spent most of his free time drawing being inspired by his Oldest brother “Barry Fleurimon” of whom he was very close to. Wanting to impress “Barry" and fellow classmates he draw popular cartoon and made-up characters, he even created his own comic books which often landed him in trouble because he spent less time doing school work, even less time paying attention to the teacher while in class. He grew up not necessarily in poverty but under privileged. Also without stability, or his father “Chenet Mesidor" whom he met at the age of 18. Ezekiel attended 5 different elementary schools moving all across Orlando, FL from apartment to apartment. Trouble also came from peers and neighbors due to their nationality making bullying common to them. Ezekiel also suffered much child abuse from childhood up into his early teens. Acts which often made him question Gods existence, contemplate running away and possible suicide. Although he was not raised in church his mom “Genita Blanc” now deceased made God known unto him and his 2 older brothers. After the death of his mother the 3 moved in with their aunty who received full custody of them until her death a few years later. At this point Ezekiel began taking rapping seriously and abandoned his 1st dream of becoming a cartoonist, forming a rap duo with his oldest cousin “Edwin Util” called “The Haitian Playas". The two would record through headsets plugged into a radio over old cassette tapes and even performed their songs for family members who encouraged and promoted them. Ezekiel also began earning money selling jolly ranchers, photos & condoms during 5th and early middle school year. He also grew a high fashion sense becoming known for his style and spent most of his money on clothing, shoes and jewelry. Although he got his 1st job by the age of 14 as a bagger at “Publix”, he began selling drugs in High School during Sophomore and Junior years. By his Junior year Ezekiel was practically independent managing his own attendance which got him withdrawn having over 100 unexcused absences causing him to switch High School’s 3 different times. He would go on to graduate by 2009 and have his 1st child by 2010 who he named “Durell Kaiden Blanc” with then girlfriend he met during Senior year. After graduating Ezekiel enrolled and was accepted at “Valencia State College”, to major in “Music Production and Business Management” but dropped out during 1st semester to provide for his girlfriend and newborn son picking up and working 3 jobs without a car. One of those jobs being “Ritas Italian Ice” where he met “Juda” who would become a mentor and taught Ezekiel more about the music industry. Juda also started his own label “Sophisticated Entertainment” which was made of Juda, Ezekiel then known as “Icetray & Danny P”. They recorded a group mixtape “Juda Presents Sophisticated Entertainment”, while Ezekiel & Danny P featured strongly on Juda's solo album “Road to Success". Ezekiel usually wrote the hooks and appeared as Judas hype man during a live show. Although he was never able to release a solo project during his time with the group, he eventually released a self funded mixtape “U.F.Zoe: The Unidentified Famous Zoe" produced by younger cousin “Jason Lenus” aka “Trap Geek” and was hosted by local promoter “Dj 100”. It received little recognition and was most known for record “Single File" featuring “Mike Zoe”. By this time he moved back to his oldest brother “Barry’s” apartment after a bad break up with “Durell’s” mother in 2011. He would then meet future wife “Zandra Nelson” who moved with her oldest sister next door from Palm Coast, FL. Down to one job doing night time security, the two dated until “Zandra” became pregnant and gave birth to his daughter in November 2013, who they named “Zaliya Kirah Blanc”. After being laid off for a case of identity fraud Ezekiel went unemployed for a month and attempted to join the “Navy” following the steps of his best friend “Judson Davis”, but was not able to pass the ASVAB. During this time Ezekiel put his music career on hold while struggling to provide for himself and son. He began selling drugs, doing photography and chauffeuring local DVD bootleg dealer to earn money which was barely enough to get him by. Although he was able to clear his name in order to return to his old security Job, he instead enrolled at “Road Masters” a truck driving school to become a truck driver with hopes of earning more money so he could provide for his then 2 children, while being able to fund his music career. While over the road as a truck driver he had the “Gospel” preached unto him by his co-driver and fellow Christian rapper “Terrell Crews” aka “Holy Rebel” during their employment together. By the end of 6 months the two went their separate ways as to find local truck driving jobs to work near family leaving the over the road life behind. At this time Ezekiel became a believer and sought to be baptized so he could follow the teachings of “Jesus” but wasn’t able to fully convert until 6 months later, allowing the cares of the world to cause him to put “salvation” on hold which he says was a struggle living day to day not knowing if he'd get the opportunity before his life was over. However a certain incident occurred which motivated him see how unpredictable life can be when he found himself held at gun point by two undercover Officers for being mistaken as a runway suspect, an event which shook him up. By October, 2014 Ezekiel surrendered his life to “Jesus” while heading to “Atlanta, GA”, a trip he describes as intense and emotionally overwhelming. He also began to attend church regularly at “Greater St. Paul AME” and was baptized with “Zandra Nelson” in the same day on November 2014. The two would then marry in December 2014 after only being engaged for a month and gave birth to his 3rd child on April 2016 who they named “Ezekiel Josiah Blanc Jr”. After baptism Ezekiel battled with which direction of ministry to take in order to share the “Gospel” which transformed his life with others. By 2016 after being inspired by Christian artist such as “Lecrae, Derek Minor, Kb” and his friend “Terrell Crews” he felt lead to use his gift in music as a platform through Hip-hop to reach those he felt were lost without the truth of Gods word and changed his alias to “Barretta” acronym for "Believers And Rebels Reaching Everyone Through Truth & Art". He debut on “Holy Rebel’s” album “Just Listen" on the record “Changed". Ezekiel would then releasee his debut Ep “Nuwine" in 2017 which received recognition from Christian community for “Romans 8:28" featuring Sheekmazin & “Now Generation” featuring Holy Rebel & Jlenae. Followed by his 2nd studio album “Imago Die" in 2018, which received recognition from “Rapzilla" who featured his single “New Life" on their artist spotlight page. Ezekiel is now working on 3rd album “Taberah” which is set for release May 2020 with “All Gas" as lead single.